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SE Can't Code

A Tokyo based Software Engineer. Not System Engineer :(


Tips, about Memcached.

Memcached can cache very fast in-memory with very simple and very benefits. It is process built on machine and many APservers. When request to memcached , if there is a cache data in memcached, APserver can get response this data. but ther…

Tips, Scaling Databases.

When you think about Scaling Databases, there are two ploblems. First problem is too much load. If there is a million requests at a day and data Storage is one machine, Databeses can’t keep up with all the work. In this case, Replicating o…

Tips, select count in psycopg2.

psycopg2を使ってDBを操作していた時にSELECTの戻り値でハマりました。 testコードの期待する結果としては、Playersテーブルの件数を0としていました。テーブルに対してはinsertはしておらず、空の状態であり、単純にselect count(*)としているので0と返って…